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About The Pawn Shop, Inc.

Doug Brandt, a former Marine and Bronze Star recipient, opened his first pawn shop in November of 1996 on Melrose Avenue after working part time for a small pawn shop for a summer. He thought if he could treat people well and offer fair prices for loans and retail then he had no choice but to succeed. Now over 20 years later, he has seen his business grow under those two simple principles into 5 pawnshops in the Roanoke Valley and he plans to soon add a sixth location in his hometown where he grew up, Lynchburg, Va.

Doug has been on the other side of the counter and knows how it feels to be broke. He also knows that being treated like an equal when in that situation can be the difference between a lifelong customer (which he is proud to say he has MANY) and a customer that never comes back. Doug looks forward to many more years helping both customers that either need some cash to get them to pay day or the folks looking to save a few dollars on their next purchase big or small and hopes everyone that visits one of his shops has a GREAT experience and comes back again and again!